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Duke Kunshan Student Alumni Board (SAB)

The SAB is a student-led organization that serves to bridge the gap between students, alumni, and the university community. It works closely with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations in engaging programs and initiatives that help to connect alumni to the university, develop student-alumni relations, cultivate DKU traditions, and inspire Forever DKU spirit among students.

Board members are students from all class years who have a passion for fostering student-alumni interaction and strengthening the bond they have with the alumni family and their class.

What does the SAB do?

  • Serve as student representatives and advise on the development of alumni relations from students’ view
  • Help fellow students access the benefits of networking and interacting with alumni
  • Take initiative in planning and producing new events and programs for DKU students and alumni
  • Develop and implement communication strategies for students and alumni engagement 
  • Support the Office of Development and Alumni Relations by assisting with alumni events

Meet the SAB members

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions or simply want to connect!

Chunyu Liu, UG'24

Alumni Stories Team Leader

Areas of Study: Political Economy/Economics

Hii! I am a DKU student from class 2024, my major is Political Economy with a track in Economics. I love traveling, playing the piano, and talking with people. I am currently an office assistant at the Residence Life department, a peer mentor under Undergraduate Advising & Academic Resource Center, and I am also a treasurer at DKU Running Club. Besides, I will work as an intern at KPMG this summer. At SAB, I am the treasurer and leader of the Alumni Story group. I am very passionate about connecting students to alumni and building active relationships between them.

Yike Guo, UG'24

Alumni Talks Team Leader

Areas of study: Data Science

Hi guys! I’m Yike Guo, a student majoring Data Science from Class of 2024 in DKU. I’m current Co-Chair of SAB, leading Alumni Talks group. I am mainly responsible for organizing our monthly alumni talk and alumni panel and it is always fun to chat with our excellent alumni and listen to their fascinating stories. Looking forward to meeting you in our next alumni talk!

Boqing Zheng, UG'24

Areas of Study: Data Science

Hi, I’m Boqing Zheng, in class of 2024, majoring in Data Science. Currently, I’m working in SAB Alumni Story Team and also working as an A5 Assistant in Residence Life. In terms of my hobby, I like playing badminton and I’m honored to be a member in DKU Badminton Varsity. I hope I and my team will bring more attractive alumni event for everyone in DKU!

Jiayang Yu, UG'25

Areas of study: Political Economy/Economics (TBD)

Hello everyone! My name is Nimo and I am a freshman at Duke Kunshan University. I am more than glad to join the Student Alumni Board to bridge the gap between students and alumni in DKU community. Besides my role in SAB, I am a case writer of YLGHC and a translator of Medical Mindset Club. Apart from my work, I enjoy sports, communicating with others and watching movies. Anticipating meeting and cooperating with you soon!

Karen Wang, UG'24

Areas of study: Data Science

Hi everyone! My name is Karen Wang and I am a senior from Toronto, Canada. I am interested in studying Data Science or something related to computer science. I joined the Student Alumni Board because I want to help foster lasting relationships within the greater Duke Kunshan community. Some of my hobbies include dancing, listening to k-pop, playing the piano, gaming, and making projects to try to connect all of the above together. I look forward to meeting you at one of SAB’s future events!

Nicolás Velasco Pérez, UG'25

Areas of study: Political Economy/Economics (TBD)

Hello everyone! My name is Nicolás (Nico) Velasco Pérez. I’m from Medellín, Colombia and I’m currently a first-year at DKU. I’m almost certain that I will major in Political Economy with a track in Economics. I am very excited about being part of SAB! Apart from SAB, I am a First Year Experience Program Assistant, the chair member of the First Year Student Advisory Council and an Arete Fellow at Duke Effective Altruism. Academically, I am very interested in Fintech, Blockchain, Sustainability and Development Economics. Beyond that, I love running, hiking, reading and contributing to my community in any way I can. I am very excited about being part of SAB!

Waner Shao, UG'24

Areas of study: Political Economy/Economics

Hi everyone, my name is Waner, from the Class of 2024, majoring in economics. I joined and remained in SAB because this is an efficient platform for students to learn from professionals and gain help in their career development. I cherish my experience of being the moderator of the investment panel in 2022 summer and I learned a lot from that. Currently, I am an active explorer in multiple industries, including consulting, financial advisory, and venture capital. I like traveling, listening to music, and hiking. I feel very lucky to be involved in SAB and I am looking forward to making more contributions to it.

Xinxin Zhang, UG'25

Areas of study: Political Economy/Economics (TBD)

Hi, I am Xinxin Zhang, a student from UG 2025. My intended major is Economics. I am very pleased to join the SAB family. As a member of SAB, I hope I could make contributions to the alumni network that supports students’ needs.

Yilun Yang, UG'24

Areas of study: Political Economy/Economics

As a 2024 undergraduate student in DKU, I am still exploring my major and will focus on economics direction. I am interested in taking part in diverse school activities and have employed the opportunities offered by DKU to participate in many different DKU programs. I am one of the members of SAB and a program assistant in DKU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Sector. SAB offers group members ample opportunities to be in different positions and exercise different skills. In the first several months, I was assigned to the Event Organization Team and was specifically responsible for the market research. Moreover, I am the leader of the program TS-GO in Dii (Duke innovation incubator) and presented our program at the Inaugural Meeting of DKU University-industry Alliance Advisory Board. Moreover, I am one of the members of the 2020 Duke-UNC leadership Summit and took the responsibility for fundraising.

Zhiyao Li, UG'25

Areas of study: Political Economy/Economics

Hi! This is Zhiyao Li, a junior at Duke Kunshan University. My major is Political Economy with the track of Economics. I am currently taking great interest in exploring economy-related fields and seeking for relevant opportunities. Besides, I have pretty much interests such as French, traveling, and writing. Looking forward to learning more through Alumni future events!

Abdullah Bin Javed, UG'26

Hello everyone! I am Abdullah, a sophomore from Pakistan. I love art, community building, theater, music, and languages. I am extremely excited to be a part of SAB and to get to know the wonderful alumni of this remarkable institute. I am looking forward to learning from everyone’s experiences and sharing them with the community!

Luong Phuoc Hang, UG'25

Media and Arts/Creative Practice

Hi everyone! My name is Hang Luong (Luna) and I am currently a junior of DKU. My major is Media and Arts with tracks in Creative Practice. I am interested in the fields of communications, management, marketing, and organization. I am seeking opportunities in these fields and look forward to meeting and learning from Alumni events!

Natalie Earnhardt, UG'26

My name is Natalie Earnhardt and I am part of the Class of 2026 in Barcelona, though I should be on the Kunshan campus next semester. I am currently undecided on what exactly my intended major is, but I am considering Environmental Science with a track in Chemistry. I joined the Student Alumni Board because I wanted to make connections with and learn from alumni. When I have free time I enjoy playing cards and exploring new places.

Raodan Zhang, UG'26

Hi! This is Raodan Zhang from the class of 2026, and my intended major is Psychology. I am currently a member of Alumni Stories, and I hope to enhance the connection between students and alumni. I love reading and listening to pop music for relaxation. Looking forward to enjoying myself with SAB~

Ruoxuan Huang, UG'26

Hello everyone! I am Ruoxuan Huang, you can also call me Roxanne. I am a junior here and I come from Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu. Currently, my intended major is molecular biology. In my spare time, I really enjoy listening to music especially English R&B and Trap. One fun fact about me is that I really love cats and dogs but unfortunately, I am allergic to their fur! Nice to meet you all in DKU SAB!

Shivam Mani, UG'25

Political Economy / Political Science

Hello! I am Shivam Mani, a student from the class of 2025.Nice to meet you all. Hope you enjoy the comming SAB series.

Soumya Lahoti, UG'25

Computation and Design / Computer Science

Hello everyone! I am Soumya Lahoti, a junior. I am interested in a Computation and Design major with a track in Computer Science. I am interested in astronomy, technology, learning languages, and basketball. I am currently involved with the First Year Student Activities Board and I serve as the LinkedIn manager for DKU SAB. I would love to get to know you!

Xinyu Zhou, UG'26

Hi! I’m Xinyu Zhou in Class of 2026 at Duke Kunshan University. My intended major is Political Economy with a track of economics and I’m still exploring my interests in the second year. In daily life, I enjoy playing the piano, travelling and watching TV series. I joined SAB in October in 2022, and I’m very pleased to meet many new friends here and gain new skills to improve myself. In the future, I look forward to cooperate with our teammates to hold more Alumni panels related to diverse learning experiences and all walks of life and learn from our outstanding alumni.